Evil Genius Online
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Evil Genius Online
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Evil Genius Online Description

Play online and strive for world domination! As a vicious villain, it's up to you to build an underground lair and deploy minions to destroy other players. The world is yours to take in this free-to-play game available on Facebook and iOS mobile devices.


In most video games, players are asked to take on heroic duties and turn into a brave adventurer to save the world from evil monsters, impending doom or vengeful emperors. Now, Rebellion Interactive is here to turn the tables and let you be the villain for a change. Evil Genius Online is available for iPhones and iPads, asking you to create your very own underground lair and take over the universe one step at a time. What does one need to reign supreme? One needs loyal minions to do their bidding for them, and plenty of resources to expand their territory. This is where you come in! Start playing today and embark on a diabolical journey alone or with fellow evildoers.

The path to world domination is paved with a lot of hard work. Not done by you, of course! Similar to Dungeon Keeper, you will command servants to build structures and expand your lair bit by bit. These minions are not only capable to do construction, however. Send them into battle to turn nefarious plans into reality and take down other players as well as computer enemies in Evil Genius Online! Hundreds of missions - both singleplayer and multiplayer - await you in this mobile game. Play through them all to harvest valuable resources and slowly rise to the top of the official leaderboards. Daily rewards are available to particularly zealous villains, so make sure to check back regularly for precious loot.

Evil Genius Online is free-to-play but does require a stable internet connection - whether you decide to take the game with you on your iOS mobile device or log on via Facebook. A new task will be waiting for you whenever you return, so be prepared for anything! It's also recommended to keep a watchful eye for hostile players looking to take over your turf. Other villains could also ask you to lend a helping hand to propose a truce. Take advantage of their aid, but be wary of backstabbers looking to ruin your empire. This strategy game is riddled with two-faced rascals, trust us...

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