EverQuest: The Darkened Sea Expansion Announced at SOE Live 2014

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It comes as no surprise that last week was filled with gaming news considering that gamescom and SOE Live took place in two different parts of the world. Sony Online Entertainment’s annual convention was once again held in Las Vegas and gave fans a platform to share their excitement for both flagship titles and upcoming games. So where do we start? With the announcement of a new EverQuest expansion, the 21st in line for the grandmother of all fantasy MMORPGs.

The Darkened Sea

The Darkened Sea will introduce eight new zones to Norrath, all connected to a previous expansion named The Buried Sea. By completing new quests, missions and raids, players will be able to advance their characters to a new level cap of 105 and unlock new spells as well as alternate abilities. And what would a new expansion be without new legendary loot to snatch up? To make sure that you have enough room to stash your new equipment away, Sony Online Entertainment is planning to introduce a mount keyring which will help you manage inventory space.

The new EverQuest zones include:
  • Tempest Temple (with lava!)
  • Caverns of Endless Songs (with sirens!)
  • Degmar, the Lost Castle (with dwarves!)
  • Thuliasaur Island (with dinosaurs!)
  • Combine Dredge (with magic!)
  • Arx Mentis (with technology!)
All eight The Darkened Sea zones will be available on launch day. Speaking of launch day: All-Access members can look forward to trying out new EverQuest content as early as October 28th while free-to-play players will have to wait until November 11th to dive into the new expansion.

Source: SOE Live Twitch
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