EverQuest Franchise: Norrath Celebrates 15th Birthday with New Content

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The fact that the EverQuest franchise has not only persevered through the last 15 years, but is still continuing to grow is something that deserves a little praise. Most online games in today’s free-to-play market can only dream of having loyal communities like these fantasy games. To say thanks to everyone who has set foot into Norrath over the last decade and a half, Sony Online Entertainment has prepared anniversary quests, special events and new features for all their current titles. While the majority of these festivities will only be available in March, some are permanent additions that will change EverQuest, EverQuest 2 and EverQuest Next Landmark forever.


It’s been fifteen years since the makers of EverQuest first opened the gates to the fantasy MMORPG. Since then, players have had the chance to explore new continents, play through an abundance of expansions and meet friends along the way. What better time to relive these moments than now? Fabled monsters that everyone knows and loves are making a return until April 9th while scavenger hunts will send you on a nostalgic journey through time and space. Anyone looking to start a new character has two brand-new class/race choices available now: the Wood Elf Beastlord and the Froglok Monk. If you’d rather experience some of the high level content in EverQuest, then make sure to create a Heroic Character (Level 85) by March 26th for free.

EverQuest 2

Bug fixes and new tidbits of content have been making their way to EverQuest 2 on a regular basis for months now. To spice things up a little bit and pay tribute to 15 years of Norrath, SOE is working on two new heritage quests, an eerie mount and the contested version of High Keep. The Channeler class, recently added as part of the Tears of Veeshan expansion, will now be available as a Heroic Character as well. New content for level 95 characters is underway, says Holly Longdale (Senior Producer). Are you ready to face these challenges and lead your character to victory?

EverQuest Next Landmark

The newest installment to the EverQuest franchise is the most sandboxy game of all: In EverQuest Next Landmark, the fantasy world of Norrath is truly your oyster. Everything around you can be picked up, refined into materials and used to turn your imagination into reality. The free-to-play title is currently in its closed alpha (soon to be closed beta) and progress is showing. Three important features have just recently been added: co-operative building, two new biomes and add-on claims. According to Terry Michaels (Senior Producer) more content, features and tools are on the way.

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