EverQuest 2: New Channeler Class in Tears of Veeshan

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Over the past couple of days, Sony Online Entertainment released important news about their biggest free-to-play games, including EverQuest 2. When they presented their portfolio at this year's SOE Live, they not only revealed EverQuest Next, but also confirmed that players from all over the globe can expect another expansion to hit this roleplaying game later this year. Before we go into details about Tears of Veeshan's features, let us get something out of the way: Heroic Characters will be added to the MMORPG in mid-September. These will be absolutely free of charge and give you the opportunity to "instantly create and play a level 85 character, fully geared and ready to fight," says the dev team.

This expansion is all about dragons.

When the expansion launches, you will be the only ones left to defend the world of Norrath. And how does one accomplish such a monumental task? By visiting different locations and collecting the tears of Veeshan that have been stolen by Kerafyrm. This is the only way you can stop the scaly dragon from gaining power and destroying the universe. Tears of Veeshan will be the game's 10th expansion and offer the following key features:

More Dragon Abilities

Each and every class archetype will gain their own share of Dragon Abilities, all inspired by the most iconic EverQuest dragons known to date. Care for an example? Mages will have access to skills that will remind you of Trakanon. The overall Alternate Abilities cap will be increased by 20 points, giving both new players and high-level characters a good reason to jump back into the grind.

New Zones

In this "high level dungeon expansion" you get to delve into abandoned temples once occupied by the Shissar and enter High Keep, an adventure zone that made its debut in the first game of the EverQuest franchise back in 1999. Other new dungeons include the Nexus Core, Temple of Veeshan and the Pickclaw Depths. That’s not all, however. You will also be able to explore hidden content, discover new collections and prove your talent in never before seen raid content.

Channeler Class and more Mercenaries

First preview of a Channeler shown at SOE Live.

A new class called the Channeler is coming to EverQuest 2. This priest archetype is quite unusual: They come with their own companion, wield a bow and wear leather. If you decide to roll a Channeler, you will be able to summon a pet and customize it to your liking. From its abilities to its overall look - you choose what kind of pet you would like to have. With Tears of Veeshan, you will also be able to store more than one mercenary and switch them whenever you feel like it - without having to pay a single cent.

Source: SOE Livesteam
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