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Everlight Description

In the middle of an ancient fantasy world you find yourself on a quest to trace your mysterious heritage. Your uncertainty and curiosity will lead you to mystical lands in your quest for identity in this browser based fantasy action RPG.


Everlight takes place in a world thought to be lost among myths and stories handed down from generation to generation. Ancient civilizations whose existence and culture are all but lost to our own banks of knowledge and the historians that study them are alive and thriving in this browser based game. During your journey to unravel your own heroic lineage, you will find yourself in unimaginably fantastic locales like the forgotten city of Atlantis or the great ancient cities of the Maya. In your encounters with these various peoples you will piece together any clues you can find and all the information you are able to coax out of these civilizations in order to reach your ultimate goal of discovering your ancestry.

While playing through the game you will be able to customize nearly every aspect of your experience. You will start out by choosing one of the four classes for your online avatar. Will you take on your task as a Mage, an Oracle, Warrior or Rogue? This is only the first of many choices you will face in Everlight, you will also need to decide how to customize the appearance of your character as well as the combat skills and various specializations available to whichever class you select.

Define your journey in every way you can imagine, from your humble beginnings as an aspiring adventurer all the way to the end of your quest to find your lineage. Take up whatever weapon suits you best and learn the ways of whichever tradition steeped character class is right for you. Everything is up to you in the fantasy ARPG Everlight.

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