EVE Online: Compensating Players after Significant Downtime

06/05/2013 08:24 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsDownload GamesMMORPG

EVE Online

EVE Online

Last Sunday, EVE Online had to go offline for a couple of hours due to significant denial-of-service attacks against the game's server. A group of experts had to thoroughly scan the entire infrastructure, before the game could be brought back online. 

The folks at CCP Games were more than thankful for players’ patience which is why they promised to appropriately compensate them for the inconvenience. Today, they announced that all fully active EVE Online accounts will receive 50,000 unallocated skill points. Trial accounts will also be compensated by receiving 7 extra days to their trial time. 

Some players will find that they have gathered up to 100,000 unallocated skill points because less than two weeks ago CCP Games already had to resort to giving out 50,000 skill points due to major technical issues in the game. 

Source: Official game homepage 
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