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EVE Online
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EVE Online Description

Travel tens of thousands of years into the future into the depths of a vast online universe, joining one of five different races. Choose your path as business man, trader, pirate or heroic pilot...


EVE Online is a massive strategy-based client game, with an evolving online universe of over 5,000 different solar systems and 43,000 planets. Join one of five races, originating from humans, and fight for your faction. The races include the long-living imperialist Amarr race, the brutal and tribal Minmatar race, the self-righteous and moral Gallente race, the mysterious and elusive Jove race and the capitalistic and competitive Caldari race.

There are several NPC factions you encounter in EVE Online including the Concord Assembly, Khanid Kingdom and Angel Cartel. Not only do you decide which race you want to join, but also which career path you want to take in EVE Online. Become a business tycoon as you manage and expand a thriving company, or become a terrorising pirate, attacking and beseeching all of those who cross your path. Become a heroic and gallant pilot, protecting your faction from the vicious attacks of others, or become a wise and strategic trader, selling your wares between planets and even universes. The direction you take is entirely up to you.

In EVE Online you can colonize your own planet, explore un-chartered solar territory or discover new resources with which to trade. Fully customise your own fleet of ships, and engage in dynamic intergalactic battles. Test your economic skills through the player-run economy, containing over 33 different markets. Improve your skills, enhance your character, and rise the ranks to rule the universe. Participate in cutting edge research and interact with other players in the unique networking system.

The strategic MMOG EVE Online is an impressive online game with ample content, features and variety in game play. Prepare to travel millions of light years into the future and explore the vast realms of the ever-expanding universe.

by Kyle Hayth

EVE Online Screenshots

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