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Europe 1400
What to expect:
  • Play to Build your Own Empire in the Middle Ages
  • Renovate your Small Dwelling and turn it into a Grand Palace
  • Choose from Different Career Paths and Gain Wealth
  • Politics, Economics and City-Building Rolled into One
  • Rule the Land after taking the Highest Office in the City
  • Browser Games
  • Gameforge
  • Topic
  • History Games
  • Medieval
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Play Europe 1400 and Build your Empire for Free

Take a step back in time to the 14th century to a medieval world, and make your mark on the community.


Europe 1400 is a medieval-themed web game based on the original PC game version. It takes you to an enchanting world in the Middle Ages, where you can re-write history as you establish your very own dynasty. You start the game with just a small residence, but throughout the game you will have opportunities to renovate and eventually convert it into a sprawling grand palace.

Will you become a cunning merchant, a prestigious craftsman or a common scoundrel? You also choose the profession you’re going to pursue – be it masonry, blacksmithing or carpentry. Produce, trade or simply steal goods to amass wealth and gain power and social rank amongst the community.

Once you have enough prestige you are even able to run for office as a mighty politician, though you must make sure you are in good favour with those who make the decisions. You can even eradicate the competition through sabotage and public humiliation – whatever it takes to rise the ranks. Ensure you take care though when using dishonourable methods in Europe 1400, as if you are caught, you could go straight to the dungeon and could end up losing everything. Conquer the highest offices of your medieval city and set out to rule the land.

At Europe 1400 you can even court a spouse, propose and get married, and even have a family who will then become the heirs to your valuable assets – build a life just for yourself.

Europe 1400 is a strategic browser game simulation which is a blend of politics, economics and shrewd characters. It is fully interactive and is powered by an excellent 3D graphics engine. There are day and night cycles, and even changes in the weather, giving it a diverse feel every time you play. Trade with other players, climb the political ladder and join the battle for power in the competitive and exciting medieval world of Europe 1400.

by Kyle Hayth

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