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Etherlords Description

Construct worlds, collect dozens of creatures, and send them into battle. Delve into a world in which the great evil has awakened. You and your monsters are chosen to save it. All you need now is your mobile device and some tactical thinking…


The turn-based strategy game Etherlords has been around for quite some time. While it’s not one of the oldest gaming classics, it has still managed to become an iconic title on PCs. More than thirteen years after the release of Etherlords proper, publisher Nival has collaborated with Targem Games to bring the fantastic experience to your mobile devices. Published first on iPhones and iPads and later for Android devices, this app will guarantee intense, strategic battles on the go. The developers have adapted the gameplay for an optimal gaming experience on mobile devices. Shorter sessions are possible and the controls are optimized for touchscreen controls.

The strategy game pulls you into a world in which the great evil has been awakened and has proceeded to destroy several worlds. Luckily, you have the ability to rebuild them. Yep, in Etherlords, you don’t just build houses or cities, but entire worlds. Piece the various parts of a world together like a puzzle. With the right moves, the floating world will soon be pretty much brand new.

Aside from building worlds, the mobile game focuses on collecting and training creatures. Etherlords features more than 180 different creatures - each sporting unique abilities and very distinct looks. There are wolves, dragons, witch doctors, and scorpion kings. Collect them all and rule them to succeed in any kind of battle. Various races with unique characteristics will allow you to wisely put together your team. Will you choose the Vitals, a peaceful, yet magical race, the Kinets, ancient and mysterious, or the unpredictable and slightly mad Chaots?

Turn-based battles await you in this mobile game - either against NPCs or real players. This means that the app does not always rely on an internet connection for you to enjoy it. Use the right tactics to win every fight and win more pieces to construct worlds.

Etherlords Screenshots

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