Ether Saga Online
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Ether Saga Online
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Ether Saga Online Description

In this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG you enter a once peaceful land now disturbed by the threat of evil and corruption, helping to save the heavenly realms from destruction...


The MMORPG Ether Saga Online is set in a fantasy world, tainted by the evil forces that seek to destroy it. Your mission is to enter this world and protect it from sabotage by fiercely fighting against your opponent, and driving away the forces of evil. In the client game Ether Saga Online you roam the lush and colorful world as one of three races and six character classes. The three races include the advanced Renzu race, the spiritual Schenzu race and the respected Yaoh race.

Once you have chosen your desired race, you can then select your character class, each of which has their own strengths and unique fighting skills. Choose to roam the world of Ether Saga Online as the melee attacking Dragon, the defensive spell casting Mystic, the offensive spell casting Conjurer, the fleeting but strong Rogue, the range attacking Ranger and the magical Shaman.

In the client-based fantasy game Ether Saga Online you are able to participate in a range of exciting quests and missions set out by NPCs, in order to learn new skills, uncover more of the game storyline, gain new experience and earn rewards. These quests will assist in the development of your character's skills, helping you in future battles and the exploration of mysterious dungeons. In the MMORPG Ether Saga Online you are also able to pick up two varying vocation skills, including mining, woodcutting, skinning, herbalism, cooking and scoutcraft.

Each of these skills will help you to survive in the open as you roam the vast expanses of nature. Learn new skills, craft your weaponry, and alongside your pet and your allies be prepared to destroy the evil that threatens to ruin the peaceful world in Ether Saga Online.

by Kyle Hayth

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