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Eternal Fury
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Eternal Fury Description

Do you love roleplaying and simulation games but can’t decide which to play? Well, Eternal Fury mixes the two genres for a unique hybrid mobile game. Do you have what it takes to rule an empire while embarking on a fantasy adventure? Show it to the world!


Eternal Fury is a free-to-play game brought to you by Proficient City, the same publisher who released Sword Saga and Legend Knight. While this title adopts the high fantasy RPG style gaming seen so often in Proficient City's releases, it also combines town building simulation style gameplay. This makes for a unique gaming experience where you are responsible for developing a kingdom and ruling an empire, all the while embarking on a fantasy adventure. So, while you are worrying about the development of your castle and town, you will be making your way through unknown territory, fighting challenging bosses and recruiting new heroes.

Assuming the role of a Promethean avatar, you are tasked with constructing your own castle and developing a city. Protect your kingdom's inhabitants and strengthen your territory by hiring an army of soldiers. Build a functioning town for your people with buildings that reflect Greek mythology, including goddess temples and amphitheater barracks. Fortify your settlements with strong walls and powerful defenses, while updating your existing buildings to increase their functionality and productivity.

Train your heroes to make them stronger and learn new abilities that will destroy your opponents, equipping powerful new weapons that will kill your enemies in one fell swoop. As you progress through the game, you will procure a band of heroes to fight alongside you as you take on menacing bosses that wish to destroy you and your kingdom. Each champion is unique, with their own abilities and strengths in battle. With danger and mystery lurking around every corner, it is wise to train all units and enhance their talents in battle. Join guilds to widen your influence in the world of Eternal Fury and engage in GvG battles for power and domination.

This free-to-play game is available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Eternal Fury Screenshots

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