Eternal Destiny
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Eternal Destiny
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Eternal Destiny Description

In this browser-based fantasy MMORPG you become a brave hero and fight the God of Chaos. It is up to you to bring peace back to the world. There are endless quests to be solved...


Eternal Destiny is a turn-based browser game where you get the chance to interact with other players and fight with them in countless battles. An evil creature named God of Chaos came into the world. According to the God of Chaos there is no rule that cannot be broken and everything can be twisted. He broke stability within the realms which caused a never-ending, cruel war.

Now it is your turn to bring back control into your world. The boundaries between the realms need to be re-established in order to end the war. There are six realms in the virtual world of Eternal Destiny: the realms of Human, Demon, Asura, Infernal, Heavenly, and the unknown Chaos. Customize your character and choose which realm you want to belong to. There are several character classes in the game, for example the Frontier Soldier, the Astrologist, the Carefree Warrior and the Divining Sage. What kind of hero are you?

Discover new realms while making friends and finding new pets to help you along the way. It will take heart and determination to push back the evil forces in Eternal Destiny. Do not allow the God of Chaos to be victorious, for the world will most certainly see ruin. Be the hero that the world needs and discover your destiny.

You constantly improve your skills in the browser-based MMORPG Eternal Destiny. You can join a guild and fight many strong enemies together with your friends. The free-to-play online game does not require any downloads or installation. All you need is an up-to-date flash player.

by Kyle Hayth

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