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Escaria Description

Start your very own island community in this graphically colourful strategy browser game. Construct buildings, provide resources for your inhabitants, and tactically trade with other players.


Escaria is a free-to-play strategy browser game that takes you to a bustling oceanic world in which you manage your very own island. Starting out with an almost deserted island, it is your first task to construct various structures and buildings to house your inhabitants. Design and construct homes, workshops, a village centre, main building and more. Grow from a small island village into a large and almighty island empire.

Expand and construct a fleet of ships in Escaria with which to explore the surrounding oceans, as well as patrol for and attack your evil opponents. You decide whether your island will wage epic battles against other islands and loot their precious resources or take on a peacekeeping role and focus on defence from unprecedented attacks. Keep an eye on the map as your island can drift around the ocean – your neighbouring island may be a loyal ally or a fearful enemy.

Band together with other players and form your own powerful guild. The larger your guild is, the greater your collective militaristic and economical strength will be. Collect and produce precious resources to both support the inhabitants of your island, and to use for trade. In Escaria you can trade wood, food, and other valuable resources at the various trading stations of the ocean, raising the economy of your island. Conduct cutting edge research and improve the technologies of your thriving island community. As your island expands in Escaria, you have the opportunity to be awarded with weekly prizes and honour.

The browser game Escaria is packed with innovative elements and attractive graphics, and allows you to display your strategic and tactical skills. Venture into the ancient world, roam the seas, become a master of trade and strive to construct the most powerful island empire there is.

by Kyle Hayth

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