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Eredan GT
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Eredan GT Description

Join the epic battles in the mysterious fantasy kingdom of Yses as a Zil, Noz-Dingard, Kotoba, Mercenary or Nomad, and fight your way to victory and honour...


Eredan GT takes you into the graphically impressive world of Yses, where as one of five character classes you participate in exciting quests, duels and all out battles. Strategically choose your character class, as each has varying skills, strengths and weaknesses.

The Zil Warriors are swift, fierce and are highly skilled at dodging. The Noz-Dingard Envoys are intelligent and use the power of magic to stop the Kotoba from overtaking magical world of Yses. The Kotoba are dominating, brutal and will do anything to obtain control over Yses.

The Mercenaries are primitive, versatile and have skills in almost all areas. The Nomads of the Emerald Desert are swift, strong and healthy, and also use magic to overthrow their opponents. Customize your character with weaponry and equipment and prepare to be thrown into battle.

Hunt terrifying monsters and looming giants in Eredan GT and earn unique rewards and experience. Embark on intense street duels with enemy players, and prove how much of a hero you truly are in the large-scale arena battles. Participate in regular guild wars to try to help regain control of the empire.

Get a job in your local village as a waiter or boilermaker, to enable you to purchase new equipment from the blacksmith to assist you in combat. In Eredan GT you can purchase unique magical skills from the village sorcerer, or buy mysterious potions from the merchant. Embark on adventurous quests set out by NPCs and reap the rewards.

In Eredan GT you can discuss strategy with other players in the forum, and learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others. Eredan GT is a strategic browser-based MMORPG.

by Kyle Hayth

Eredan GT Screenshots

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