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Eredan iTCG
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Eredan iTCG Description

Play against thousands of others online in this exciting browser based card game. Trade cards and participate in duels against other players, with more than 700 cards to choose from.


Eredan iTCG is a free-to-play browser game set in a faraway fantasy world, filled with evil villains and stoic heroes. There are over 700 cards you can play with in the enthralling game, each with their own race, class and guild. Some cards are easy to obtain, whilst others are rarer in their availability. The rarer your card, the more strength and power it will have in duels against your opponents.

Your goal in Eredan iTCG is to eliminate your opponent by doing as much damage as possible and killing the characters in their deck of cards. Once you have destroyed three of your opponent's characters, you will be triumphantly claimed as the winner. The browser game requires a significant amount of strategic thinking and tactical planning in order for players to claim victory. To challenge another player to a duel you will need to have a complete deck of one particular guild. There are four unique guilds in the browser based card game Eredan iTCG to choose from, including the Zil Warriors, the Kotoba, the Noz'Dingard Envoys and the Mercenaries. Each of these guilds has strengths and weaknesses that differentiate them from one another, and it is your decision as master of your deck to choose which of these mighty guilds you will side with.

In addition to guilds there are also ten races including Ice Elves, Beasts, Elfine, Golems, Guemelites, Hom'Chai, Humans, Undead, Solarian and the Unknown. In the browser game Eredan iTCG you will also find six character classes which include the tough Fighter, the magical Mage, the conniving Marauder, the holy Priest, and the skilled Craftsman. By combining guilds, races and character classes you can present a powerful deck that will help you to slam your opposition. Master the magic of cards in the exciting strategic card game Eredan iTCG.

by Kyle Hayth

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