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Eraversum Description

Explore the far-away depths of the galaxies in this futuristic browser-based game. Choose one of eight powerful races to represent and fight for your nation...


Eraversum is a browser-based space game set in the future. Using a combination of strategy and tactics you must maneuver your space ship across vast impressive galaxies, fighting evil and defending your nation. Over time the Earth has become so technologically advanced that it has progressed to become one the great galaxy super powers.

There are several galactic nations that are constantly battling for dominance of the universe, in order to gain control of the precious resources.

When you sign up to play the browser game Eraversum, you must decide with which of the super powers your loyalties will lay. There are a total of eleven different super powers in the online game Eraversum, namely The Earth, Atlantropa, Branoopa, Desperados, Holquania, Middle Empire, Phoenicia, Striga, Thulia and Vargulf. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as individual military and financial strengths.

Once you have chosen your superpower, you are given your very own homeworld planet, which you must give a name. Your homeworld is unconquerable and provides a safe base for you to tactically plan your path to victory and galaxy domination. There are several aspects under your control in the free-to-play browser game Eraversum. These include managing the political state of your world, recruiting and training your army and ensuring ample production of resources.

Start planning your tactical domination of the universe, and strive to make your mark on the futuristic universe in the browser based game Eraversum.

by Kyle Hayth

Eraversum Screenshots

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