Landmark: Lower Priority in Favor of EverQuest Next

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Daybreak Game Company certainly has its hands full at the moment. Not only is the company working on bringing PlanetSide 2 to the PlayStation 4, but it is also developing H1Z1, EverQuest Next, and Landmark. Each of these titles is truly unique and requires a lot of focus and attention without neglecting the smooth operation of already released games. However, even a studio of this size doesn’t have endless amounts of resources. Sometimes, the workload has to be shifted around in order to stick to certain deadlines and development goals.

This becomes clear in the latest Producer’s Letter by Terry Michaels – Senior Producer on Landmark and EverQuest Next. In his public letter, he shares the production plans for both titles. According to Michaels, a lot of the development resources will be shifted towards EverQuest Next in the near future. That means that features which benefit both games will have a higher priority than those that only affect Landmark. Only when the studio has more time at its hands will it go back to working on Landmark exclusive features.

These are some of the things created by the Landmark community included in EverQuest Next.

Michaels stresses that this does not mean the end for Landmark and guarantees that regular bugfixes and smaller updates will still be released as often as they have been over the past year. He also stresses how important Landmark and the creations of its community are for the development of EverQuest Next.

Last but not least, players should not give their hopes up that EQN will launch any time soon. According to Michaels, the shift in development resources does not mean that the MMORPG will come out this year. Bummer.

Source: Official Game Homepage

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