EpicDuel: Biggest Release To-Date for PvP MMO – Get Ready for Delta!

06/28/2011 05:20 am in News

According to publishers Artix Entertainment, the largest update to hit the free-to-play PvP browser game, EpicDuel, will be going live tomorrow, June 29th. It features three new classes, new weapons for players to use and even 2v1 boss fights.


The latest update, known as Delta, which is scheduled for tomorrow will bring a whole bunch of content according to publishers Artix Entertainment (HeroSmash). The most noticeable change coming is the introduction of three new classes.

These new classes coming to EpicDuel are upgrades or evolutions of the game’s three current classes. There have been some new skills and abilities added which will make these new classes the top of the food-chain in the free-to-play browser game.

Another large change being made in EpicDuel is the introduction of 2v1 boss fights. If you have ever had trouble taking down a powerful boss by yourself, you will now be able to team up with your friends to take these guys down. However, these bosses are said to be more powerful but that just means better rewards!

Fortune City, the main city in EpicDuel, has also gotten an overhaul. There is going to be a new achievement available to you, a powerful new sword, new NPCs and some yet-to-be-released super-secret things that you can only see by logging in.

Source: Game homepage
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