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EpicDuel Description

Nothing says true courage like going toe-to-toe with numberless foes and proving you have what it takes. Fight your way through opponents from around the world to stake your claim as the best!


EpicDuel is a free-to-play browser game that promises all the thrills of a one-on-one match with your opponents. Create a character and rise through the ranks to become the best fighter in the world. Only hard work and the mastery of your skills can help you get there.

Delta V is the world which you can explore in EpicDuel. As you move through the world, you will notice certain areas called “hotspots” where you can interact with the map. You can travel to these unique areas and find out what is waiting there for you.

In addition to hotspots in Delta V, you can talk to various NPCs, or Non-Player Characters, in the world to experience other types of interaction. There are many things you can do when talking to an NPC, such as healing your character, delve deep into the storyline of EpicDuel and even buy new items.

As you progress in EpicDuel, you will be given the opportunity to learn new skills. There are ten different unique skills that you can learn depending on which class you have chosen. Each class has their own abilities and advantages whether you are the Tech-Mage, Bounty Hunter or Mercenary.

There are two different ways for you to get into a duel in EpicDuel. If you feel like being surprised or just want to get into it as fast as possible, you can auto-find people to fight against whether it is a 2v2 match or 1v1. However, if you know a player who has beaten you or want to challenge someone higher up on the ranks, you can select a specific person to challenge with the Challenge Battle option.

Remember, the better items and equipment you have, the better your chances are at coming out on top. Make sure to train hard and level up to unlock new skills which could be the difference between life or death in the high-stakes world of EpicDuel!

by Kyle Hayth

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