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Epic Loot
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Epic Loot Description

Join a fantasy world where orcs, elves, humans and supernatural beings come together to not only fight for a greater goal, but also against each other. Different heroes are awaiting your every command, eager to charge into battle and wreak havoc.


Millions of people get sucked into playing video games day in, day out. Why is that? Most do it to pass the time, as a hobby or to heighten their skills. Others enjoy the aspect of getting to play a character and immersing themselves into a world that is much different than the one we live in. This particular group of gamers often prefers the roleplaying game genre, and that’s exactly the one that Epic Loot falls under. Here, you get to take control of several fantasy heroes at once. Shout out commands, give them orders and take on every wretch that crosses your path!

Epic Loot is a mobile game brought to you by flaregames (Royal Revolt 2) and Fuzzycube. Both game studios have expert industry veterans and are eager to present a new challenge to anyone that enjoys playing on their smartphone or tablet. You can play Epic Loot wherever and whenever as long as you have a stable internet connection that allows you to go up against friends in duels of death. Other game modes allow you to increase your level and gather experience points in single-player challenges and will have you face tough boss monsters and their malevolent minions.

The online world of Epic Loot is split into two different worlds: the world of the living and the underworld. Choose your own battles as you explore new realms and meet different champions along the way. Every adventure gives you access to valuable items that can either be sold to merchants or used to buff up your very own heroes. What would a warrior be without its plate armor to fend off enemy attacks? It’s important to mix and match between different classes and cover all bases when diving into the free-to-play mobile game, just to make sure that you are prepared for every battle. Available on both iOS and Android, Epic Loot can be played on smartphones and tablets.

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