Epic Arena: Mobile Release for iOS and Android this Week

07/28/2014 05:08 am by Anna Radak in NewsBrowser GamesCard Games

Epic Arena

Epic Arena

While computer gamers have had the chance to work on new decks and battle against each other in Epic Arena for a while now, mobile fans have had to patiently wait - until now. TravianGames (Travian) has announced that the free-to-play card game would launch on all Android and iOS devices (this includes smartphones and tablets) on July 31st. If you have been meaning to unlock new cards and assemble a team of fierce fantasy warriors while on the go, this is your time to shine. Get ready to put a deck together that is not only strong and versatile, but also reflects your personal play style.
Two factions are currently available, namely the Legion of Chaos and the Brotherhood of Order: One surviving on mayhem and destruction alone, the other following the path of the righteous. Decide which side you want to join and start by learning the basics through tutorial quests. Soon enough, you will find yourself playing against friends or other Epic Arena gamers from all over the world. Thanks to cross-platform support, it won't really matter whether they are logged into Facebook, the regular account, or mobile account starting Thursday this week.

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