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Epic Arena
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Epic Arena Description

Fight against players from all over the world or challenge your friends to a duel of death in a game that is available on Facebook, all kinds of mobile devices and any browser. Collect cards to be victorious and take control of the battlefield...


Is it an MMORTS? Is it an MMOTCG? Is it an MMORPG? No, it’s Epic Arena. With its complex game mechanics and wide array of customizable features, this online game has pretty much all the big genres covered. Here, you get to assemble a team of fearless warriors by picking out certain cards, deck out your units with armor and special powers like in any old roleplaying game and engage in turn-based combat against friends or other players. Are you ready to join the fight?

Two factions are currently available in Epic Arena: the Legion of Chaos and the Brotherhood of Order. It’s pretty easy to say who’s who, judging by their names, but let us go into a little more detail. While the Legion of Chaos is home to shady characters and evil creatures like the Soul Ripper or Cyclops, the Brotherhood of Order offers you a more righteous crew of troops, say the Alchemist or Monk. Both teams are a solid choice when it comes to battling it out against others in this free-to-play MMO and bring unique abilities to the table. Equip your units with power cards, armor and potions to set yourself apart from the competition and let everyone know that you mean serious business.

Each fight is split into rounds alternating between you and your opponent. Both parties have a certain amount of time before having to make a final decision. This turn-based approach should be a welcome sight for anyone who likes to thoroughly consider every option and think long and hard before attacking. See those little symbols on the battlefield? These are power-ups that can be used to your advantage. If you manage to get one of your units to stand on it first, that is. You can follow one of two strategies to achieve victory: Either annihilate the enemy team or be the first to destroy all artifacts.

Epic Arena is available on Facebook, the browser of your choice and on mobile devices.

Epic Arena Screenshots

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Epic Arena News

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