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EnemySector Description

In this browser game you explore a mysterious universe as one of four unique and powerful races, boldly fighting your enemies, and uncovering the secrets if the vast cosmos...


EnemySector is a science fiction themed browser game set on the planet Galacthic. This planet plays host to intense intergalactic fights, acting as a meeting place for all species to earn honor and glory. Players fight against teams of enemies, using thought-out strategy, brute strength and determination to beat the opposition. With every honorable victory in the online game EnemySector your team will rise up the ranks, striving to become both renowned and feared.

The four races in the free-to-play sci-fi game EnemySector are Guarg, Ninva, Marine and Kegar. Each of them has varying characteristics and combative skills. New players must decide which race they will side with, fight alongside, and represent until the very end. The Guargs stem from the far reaches of the universe, from a brutal and menacing society. Their strengths are their immense power and fearlessness in the face of danger.

The Ninva race is swift, agile, and unpredictable. With telekinetic powers, they can control their enemy's actions in battle. The human race in the browser game EnemySector, the Marines, has a special ability to hide themselves from their opponents. The Kegars class represents ex-slaves, and a strong and resilient force. They can overthrow their enemies with one stroke and have the ability to paralyze other players in an instant.

The sci-fi game EnemySector features two game modes – quick game and full game – so players can choose how much time they want to invest at any one time. Join the action and excitement of this sci-fi action browser game, and go down in history as the ultimate warrior of the universe.

by Kyle Hayth

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