Special Offer: EndWar Online Beta Event

12/03/2015 10:41 am by Benjamin Robson in SpecialsBrowser GamesOnline Games

EndWar Online Special Offer

With the launch of the EndWar Online open beta, Ubisoft have included some extra deals on their site for some of the premium content available in the strategy game. There are extra deals on Gold, and Special Packs.

Loads of players have been patiently waiting for EndWar Online to enter open beta and be available for all to play. Anyone that wants to spend some real cash on the game is in for a treat, as Ubisoft has added on extra bonuses on all gold purchases, including more gold, units and commanders, based on how much gold is bought.

Some of the Special Offers in EndWar Online

On top of this, players can get an AAV attack system, Tank armor, defense system, and even a rank 5 Tank Commander if they purchase the most expensive package. Click the button below to head over to the official website and play the game for free in browser, and watch this space for more updates on special offers!

Source: Official Website

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