EndWar Online: New Commander in Latest Patch

01/07/2016 08:49 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsOnline GamesPvP

Beta Patch for EndWar Online

After entering open beta a little while back, EndWar Online has been receiving regular updates. Ubisoft has just announced a new patch which includes a brand new commander and some special ops missions.

Ubisoft has been committed to giving fans of their online strategy game regular updates and content. This latest beta patch, number 1.2.0 includes a brand new commander to add to players’ armies. Brenner is a new AAV Commander, and he can deal some serious damage to any enemy air units that dare to come close enough. On top of this, he has a bonus that boosts the effectiveness of units of the same type.

New Special Operation Missions in EndWar Online

As with any update for EndWar Online, there’s also usually some missions or campaigns included. This update is no exception, and Ubisoft has included some new challenges for players that have reached level 55 and 60. One of the new Special Operations missions is set in a snowy environment, and requires some good game knowledge and tactics to achieve victory. EndWar Online is a completely free strategy game, and can be played on the official website by clicking the button below.

Source: Official Website

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