EndWar Online: Open Beta Update

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Latest EndWar Online Beta Update

The free-to-play browser game EndWar Online entered Open Beta a week or so ago, and now there’s a new update for the strategy game that includes a new chapter, level cap, and loads more!

After entering the Open Beta stage of development at the start of December, Ubisoft have been keeping a close eye on players and preparing new content to put to the test. This latest update gives players of the strategy game a nice early Christmas present in the form of a whole new chapter set in the northwest of the USA, and a new level cap to keep players busy.

Chapter 9

This latest chapter takes players on a journey through 21 brand new campaign missions in both difficulty levels. The enemies that players have to face are much stronger than before, so it’s important to take along some powerful commanders that have the skills to deal with them. All of the campaigns include completely new maps and layouts to make sure that budding generals have something new to conquer.

Higher Level Cap

It’s not just loads of new campaign missions in the update, Ubisoft have also raised the level cap up to 60. Now fans of the strategy game can increase their power higher than ever before and train their commanders up to the highest level. Along with a level cap increase always come bigger rewards; there’s loads more loot up for grabs, and the spoils of war are greater than ever before.

New Level 60 Cap in EndWar Online

In addition to these huge game changes, there’s a new Gunship Commander, a change to the energy storage system, and some new Special Operations content with 10 new missions. For those that haven’t played the game, click the button below and head over to the official website to play the strategy game.

Source: Official Website

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