EndWar Online: Enters Open Beta

12/03/2015 05:39 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsBrowser GamesOnline Games

EndWar Online Enters Open Beta

After the browser-based strategy game EndWar Online entered closed beta back in August, there have been a number of updates helping it through the development process. Now the free-to-play game is in open beta.

EndWar Online in Open Beta

EndWar Online in Open Beta

The free game from Ubisoft is rolling out with the first open beta patch, number 1.0.0, which includes full French language support, a new rank 5 Tank Commander, and a Wargame game mode for online PvP battles between players. This announcement comes just a few weeks after a massive update to the war game, which included 2 new story chapters and 14 new maps. The full patch notes can be found here on the official webpage, and it goes into all of the changes to the game for those that like that kind of thing.

For those that have been waiting patiently for the game to hit open beta, head on over to the official website by clicking the button below and joining the other players already doing battle in EndWar Online.

Source: Official Website

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