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EndWar Online
What to expect:
  • Play Online with your Friends
  • Browser Based Strategy Game
  • Inspired by the Iconic Tom Clancy Franchise
  • Choose A Faction and Improve your Commanders
  • Complete Missions for Massive Rewards
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Strategy
Age group

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World War 3 has changed the face of the world. Resources are more valuable now than ever.


The free-to-play browser game EndWar Online is one of the latest installments of the acclaimed strategy series, set in Tom Clancy’s universe. Most of you might be aware that Tom Clancy’s name in front of a video game usually indicates high quality action, thrilling suspense, and tactical depth. All of this certainly holds true for Ubisoft's latest war game. EndWar Online is set in an alternate universe in which World War 3 has shaped the way the world functions. You find yourself at the end of this devastating war which has left the world in utter chaos. It is up to you to rebuild your home country, reunite your faction, and successfully weather the final battle for Earth’s precious resources. You will need to collect them to make sure that your homeland can rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

There are more than three factions in the strategy game, and you can decide which side you want to represent. Will you choose the mighty US Joint Strike Force, the high-tech European Enforcer Corps, or the ruthless Russian Spetsnaz? Make the right choice for yourself, as your faction should reflect your preferred playstyle.

EndWar Online features more than nine different unit classes that allow you to strategically win every single battle. Each class has its own skills and attributes that differentiates it from the others. Unlock mor ethan 80 commanders which you then train to master their full potential. Aside from that, you want to level up your hero and conquer various territories by defeating opposing commanders.

At the core of the game, you will rebuild your capital city that is still recovering from the world wide war. Establish a military head quarter that will be at the center of your every attack.

EndWar Online features several different game options. You can either enjoy single-player missions or fight against other gamers in heated player vs. player battles. Unlike other browser-based strategy games, EndWar Online does not use micro management. Instead, the MMORTS focuses on the core strategy behind building your supply and improving your reflexes to win the upper hand in battles.

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EndWar Online News

  • EndWar Online: New Commander in Latest Patch

    01/07/2016 08:49 am - After entering open beta a little while back, EndWar Online has been receiving regular updates. Ubisoft has just announced a new patch which includes a brand new commander and some special ops missions....more

  • EndWar Online: Open Beta Update

    12/18/2015 04:00 am - The free-to-play browser game EndWar Online entered Open Beta a week or so ago, and now there’s a new update for the strategy game that includes a new chapter, level cap, and loads more!...more

  • EndWar Online: Enters Open Beta

    12/03/2015 05:39 am - After the browser-based strategy game EndWar Online entered closed beta back in August, there have been a number of updates helping it through the development process. Now the free-to-play game is in open beta....more

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