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Emporea Description

Explore this opulent fantasy world as you cast powerful spells on your adversaries, expand your own thriving kingdom and strive to become a greatly admired hero...


Emporea is a fantasy-based strategy game set in a lush and mysterious world full of unexplored territory, diverse kingdoms all in a graphically intricate environment. There are four distinct nations you can play for in the browser game, each of which has its own skills, strengths and weaknesses. Each race has its own unique architecture from the futuristic to the tribal. You start construction on your own kingdom right away, with over 40 building categories to select from in the exciting strategy game. Not only will you tactically select which structures to build, but also their placement in your kingdom. Develop flourishing cities and become one of the most powerful leaders in all of Emporea.

The fantasy online game Emporea is rich in features, with over 30 spells for you to learn, and up to 100 research projects to undertake. You advance through the strategic browser game as you unlock new technology and embark on dangerous combative missions against evil fantastical creatures in 14 neutral camps. Learn how to reign the power of magic to strengthen your soldiers, to raise resource production and possibly even destroy your adversaries in the fantasy-themed strategy game Emporea.

In addition to construction and research, you must command and train a strong army of soldiers to lead to battle. Strategically select from 30 soldier units, and prepare your kingdom for war. In the browser game Emporea you can either join a faction or go into battle alone – the future of your kingdom is in your hands and the strategy you use will determine its success – or failure.

by Kyle Hayth

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