Empires at War 1805
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Empires at War 1805
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Empires at War 1805 Description

Are you tired of playing war games that are set during World War 2? In the history of the world, there have unfortunately been many heated times that guarantee a perfect backdrop for a strategic war game. This game delves into the world of Napoleon...


European history has been colorful, to say the least. The relatively small continent has always been populated by many different cultures, peoples, tribes, and later kingdoms and empires. The bigger and more influential these monarchies grew, the greater their desire to conquer other countries became. The free-to-play strategy game Empires at War 1805 transports you into the early 19th century, to a time when Napoleon made it his goal to take over Europe and great kingdoms were at war.

The free-to-play war game features several different campaign scenarios that are all based on historical events. The earliest scenario takes place in 1802 during the Treaty of Amiens which signified the only period of peace during the Great French War that took place between 1792 and 1815. Other scenarios include Napoleon’s rise to Emperor in 1804 and his reign of terror throughout Europe that began in 1805. Each scenario includes different participating nations and specific goals and quests. You will be able to choose one of these nations and battle it out against other players to steadily rise in the ranking.

Empires at War 1805 has many complex features and game modes that are not only vaguely based on historical events, but are also supposed to emulate the historical era as accurately as possible. The strategic online game features a trade system, for example, that is based on the economy of the early 19th century. Trading according to a per-commodity demand and supply mechanism becomes of the essence in Empires at War 1805.

Since the game is set in an era when wars were constantly raging everywhere in Europe, the warfare and movement system are quite complex and reflective of the military organization of the time. They are a crucial aspect of the free-to-play title.

If you are interested in challenging and complex turn-based strategy games that are set in exciting times in history, you should take a closer look at Empires at War 1805.

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