Empire Universe 3
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Empire Universe 3
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Empire Universe 3 Description

It is your mission to secure the future! Make your way through an unknown galaxy and expand your base by training reinforcements. Your goal in this strategy game is to defend what is yours and attack enemy starships with your army.


Before you start your intergalactic journey, you will have to choose the race that you want to play as. Whether it be Zuups, Jamozoids or Cyborgs - each character comes with special traits. Consider your choice wisely, since almost every race also has its disadvantages. Only human researchers don’t have to worry about any negative influences, as they are the only neutral race. Empire Universe 3 is a free-to-play strategy game that can be played in the browser of your choice.

When it comes to gathering resources, building facilities is the way to go. The more you expand, the more material you can harvest and spend on upgrading your constructions. Completing quests is another way to gain rewards - including credits, which is the main currency in Empire Universe 3. By exploring abandoned fleets or avoiding worm holes, you will slowly rise to fame and eventually dominate the ranking. Spending some time and effort in researching new technologies will give you an advantage over other commanders. Once you get past the beginning phase, you will be able to build your very own spaceship.

In order to form alliances, you need to interact with other players. No matter if you plan to be a peaceful diplomat or become a fearsome warrior, there will always be others who want to keep you from reaching your destination. It is up to you to either fight them off or join their forces in taking over the galaxy. If you need help getting started, there is a thorough tutorial that explains anything there is to know about building your own base. This makes Empire Universe 3 a very beginner-friendly online game. Experienced players need not to worry: If the instructions end up bothering you, you can always turn them off. Looking for other installments of the sci-fi franchise? Check out Empire Universe 2!

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