Empire Universe 2: Expect a whole range of galactic new features in the upcoming update

10/21/2010 05:22 am in News

Next Idea, publisher of the space-themed browser game Empire Universe 2, are in the process of implementing a host of new features to be carried out in the next update. The patch will include a new minimum duration for titles, rebalancing of some existing features and more.
Empire Universe 2

Empire Universe 2

Next Idea (Gilfor's Tales, Desert Operations) are planning to release the update sometime in the near future, though no specific date has been set at this stage. As part of the update to the intergalactic browser game, the speed of all Warp and Impulse engines will be rebalanced, and the time consumption will be reduced so that you will be able to move faster through the game universe.

All titles in Empire Universe 2 will now have a minimum duration of one month. Ship repair costs and time will be corrected and lowered, so that the costs of repair don't match that of constructing a brand-new ship. The Dock Bombing will be changed, and an Ikolium Bounty will be set up for the 10 players who have the worst prestige in the browser game. There are more features to come in the exciting update to Empire Universe 2.

Empire Universe 2 is a free-to-play browser game set in a vast universe. Control your own mighty empire, amass wealth, and aim to be ruler of the universe. Take a diplomatic approach, or be fiercely aggressive in your quest to expand your empire. Fight against your enemies, trade with other players and construct a large fleet of powerful space ships in the epic web game Empire Universe 2.

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