Empire Universe 2
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Empire Universe 2
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Empire Universe 2 Description

As friendly diplomat or aggressive space pirate you build up a mighty empire. Do your best to defend what is yours in the galaxy and fight with no holds barred...


The online game Empire Universe 2 by Next Idea easily stands comparison to its predecessor. The game is more exciting and includes many more action elements.

As a player, you decide from the beginning if you want to take on Empire Universe 2 as a peaceful diplomat or if you prefer to go down the aggressive and military road. No matter which way you choose, in Empire Universe 2 confrontations with other players cannot be avoided.

Most important in Empire Universe 2 is the art of warfare. There are many options of fighting when the nine different races face each other in battle. In addition, you will often be surprised at how many different spaceships you get to see. The fleet construction in Empire Universe 2 works modularly – which means that you alone decide how your ship looks like and what its functions are.

There are also many different types of buildings and military machines that you can build on your home planet. But do not forget to exploit resources in the browser game Empire Universe 2. You will need a lot raw materials to make all your space pirate dreams come true.

To succeed in the high-tech world of Empire Universe 2, you will need to do research as well because it is important to stay up-to-date technologically.

by Kyle Hayth

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