Empire - Four Kingdoms: Hero System Introduced

11/19/2015 09:43 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsiOSPvP

Hero System Comes to Empire: Four Kingdoms

The free-to-play strategy game Empire: Four Kingdoms has a new hero system in the game. Goodgame Studios has given fans a new way to change the appearance and skills of the commanders.

Goodgame Studios frequently update all of their mobile games, and Empire: Four Kingdoms is no exception; the mobile strategy game now has a brand new hero system for mobile users to get to grips with. There are currently 5 different rarities of heroes, and they are available as rewards from traders and enemies.

Each hero has a set of effects and stats that give players a little boost in power, although some of the heroes have negative effects to balance everything out, so it’s important to choose wisely. The heroes in the mobile game don’t just add stats, they also change how the castellans and commanders look in game, to make it clear which hero is being used, and making the town look nicer overall. Empire: Four Kingdoms is completely free-to-play, and is available by clicking the button below and downloading the game to a mobile device.

Source: Official App Store

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