Empire - Four Kingdoms: Reach Level 70 in New Update

10/17/2014 06:06 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsStrategyMedieval

Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms

Wow, it’s almost a little refreshing to not write about a Halloween update in a mobile game. The guys and girls over at Goodgame Studios have added a nifty patch to their strategy game Empire: Four Kingdoms. The mobile game is based on the studio’s browser based RTS called Goodgame Empire, and like its big brother, it constantly grows one update at a time. 

The latest patch brings new resources, levels, missions, and a login bonus to the real time strategy app. Players can now produce charcoal, olive oil, and glass in Everwinter Glacier, Burning Sands, and Fire Peaks. Trading the resources gives them special units and unique equipment in return. In the new game update, the level cap was raised to 70 allowing players to unlock new upgrade levels for some of their buildings. Naturally, new missions and quests are needed in order to further level up. These can be completed at the mercenary post to be rewarded with some nifty prizes. Last but not least, players will be rewarded for regularly logging into the game. Visit your kingdom in Empire: Four Kingdoms every day to receive at least three gifts. 

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