Empire: Four Kingdoms
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Empire: Four Kingdoms
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Empire: Four Kingdoms Description

The middle ages were a time of heated battles and important trade alliances. In this strategy game for your mobile devices, you will be transported to this period in time to build your own city, create powerful economic alliances, and battle your enemies.


In the browser-based game called Goodgame Empire, you already had the chance to delve into a medieval world and build your very own kingdom on your computer. If you’ve ever dreamed of bringing this gaming experience wherever you go, you should take a closer look at Goodgame Studios’ mobile game Empire: Four Kingdoms for all smart phones and tablets.

Your first step in the mobile app is to build and fortify your very own fortress. If you’ve ever heard anything about the middle ages, you will know that having sturdy walls to protect a settlement is of utmost importance for it to thrive and flourish. An enemy could appear at any given time to pretty much mow down a defenseless city. Don’t waste your time and make sure to immediately strengthen your walls. After that, you can focus on building an army that will intimidate all enemies.

What do you need to train units and build a massive army? Resources, of course! Collect resources and build an economy that will allow your settlement to grow. You will need money, resources and goods to create swords, lances, bows and train your knights. Empire: Four Kingdoms offers a vast amount of weapons for attack and defense.

The real time strategy game is less peaceful than other games of the genre. Leaning back and hoping to be overlooked by enemies will not get you very far. Reigning over a mighty empire means attacking smaller settlements to collect their resources. Strategic thinking and good planning will be the best way to win any battle. After all, there are more than 50 different units and loads of weapons to choose from. Make the right choices to come out as a winner.

With more than 15 million players, there is a huge community that can be met and fought against. However, you also don't want to have 15 million opponents. Being one of the most important empires also means forming powerful alliances with other players to fight against thousands of players. Since the game is such an intense MMO experience, you will need a working internet connection to play it.

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