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Empire Craft
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Empire Craft Description

As a human, dwarf or orc you fight against the devil’s ruling in the mighty war of the dawn. Expand a settlement and fight for the future of the world in this strategy-based browser game...


Empire Craft is a real time strategy game that also makes use of several elements from the traditional role-playing game. Take control of your very own thriving medieval metropolis as you defend yourself from other players' neighboring cities, fend off demons, complete quests and scour the gigantic world map for resources to help you improve your city and develop a powerful army.

Empire Craft features three playable races; Humans, Dwarves and Orcs. Each race has its own starting area, unique buildings and exciting heroes. Players begin with a small plot of land in their chosen race's starting area, equipped with only the basic necessities for survival. As you complete quests you will gain gold and resources which enable you to increase your population and improve your city.

Anything goes in the medieval world of Empire Craft, players can be attacked at any time by either player controlled neighboring cities or by some of the many hostile creatures that roam the world preying on the weak and unprepared. In order to survive you will need build a powerful army as well as join a guild and forge strong alliances. Building an army requires leadership and before you send your army into battle in Empire Craft, you must head down to the local tavern and hire a hero to command it. Each race in Empire Craft features its own heroes, adding unique bonuses and abilities to your army which adds a fun and strategic gameplay element to combat.

Become an almighty powerful emperor as you build a thriving city and defend your people in this epic strategy-based MMOG.

by Kyle Hayth

Empire Craft Screenshots

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