Empire and State
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Empire and State
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Empire and State Description

Enter the real world of corruption, deals, politics, business, crime and warfare as a CEO, president or General in this massively multiplayer online game...


Empire and State is a political strategy MMOG set in modern times, giving you the chance to become a criminal mastermind, a powerful CEO, an almighty President or a brave General. The path you follow is entirely in your hands, be it based on integrity, corruption or criminality. You work together with thousands of other players to create empires, businesses, and underground syndicates.

Whether you follow a dark path or an honest path, working with other players plays an integral role in your overall success in the online game Empire and State. There are four different ways to obtain power in the strategic political game Empire and State – democratically, militarily, economically or illegally. You must use a combination of politics, strategy, corruption, and bribes to get ahead in the massively multiplayer online game Empire and State.

To obtain power democratically you must make the use of charisma, honesty and politics to increase your influence and popularity. Should you choose the militaristic method of gaining power you must use cunning strategy, sheer military force and absolute domination. To illegally and cunningly earn power you must use the art of corruptions, bribes, and espionage to take control of the Empire and State world. In order to gain influence through economics you must influence decisions and control corporations through financing, sponsorship and funding the various elections in the political strategy browser game Empire and State.

Forge huge empires by any means possible, and strive to become a dominant, wealthy, powerful, feared and respected member of the Empire and State society.

by Kyle Hayth

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