Elvenar: Orcs and Goblins Are Coming!

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It’s a lucky week for InnoGames’ browser games communities. Tomorrow the developers are adding a new Great Building to their free-to-play strategy game Forge of Empires. Today, on July 20th, the fantasy game Elvenar is getting a big patch adding chapter 8 to the title’s story. We here at haven’t reported on any updates for the browser game in quite some time. The last time we talked about a patch, the team behind Elvenar added Fairies to the free-to-play building game. Today, it is time for another fantastical race to find its way to the world of Elvenar.

Players will find Orcs and Goblins in the browser based game. If they hear some grunts or smell something foul in the air, it can only mean that these pesky creatures are near. They are happy to invade and are trying to take control of players’ cities. The Goblins are fond of mushrooms, as they use them to control the Orcs. Players need to prevent them from taking over their city.

Armories with level 20 and higher will be able to produce “Orcs” as a new resource, which they need in the new story chapter to negotiate distant provinces. The update also gives players space for 10 more City Expansions in their cities.

Aside from new content, the patch fixes various bugs and improves a few UI related issues. The update will be available later today!

Source: Official game forum

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