Elvenar: The Fairies Are Coming

03/01/2016 06:22 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsBrowser GamesInnoGames



It’s been a while since the dwarves have made a guest appearance in Elvenar, bringing lots of new technologies and lots of riches to the strategy game. Players have helped this ancient race get back to the fame and honor of their glory days, which is why they have left the kingdom. In their stead, the Elvenar community can look forward to the magical fairies. Just like the dwarves did back last year, this ancient race has come to your kingdom and settled down in a quiet corner. These magical beings are true masters of anything related to flora and fauna. As soon as players reach the necessary level of the race, they can grow all kinds of plants and breed various animal species. Despite their complex production chains, there is a lot more to the fairies than that.

As soon as the fairies are added to the free-to-play building game, there will be two new updates available. Players will for example be able to establish two additional antique wonders. The second update will add new troops to the fairies which will help in any combative situation.

Some units will be rather passive and protect allied troops, but others are so offensive that they can attack two times per round.

Source: Innogames.TV

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