Elvenar: Discovering Ancient Wonders

11/04/2015 06:37 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsBrowser GamesInnoGames

Yesterday brought an exciting game update to the fantasy world of Elvenar. A brand new type of buildings is now available not only for humans, but also elves and dwarves.

Elven Ancient Wonder in Elvenar

Elven Ancient Wonder in Elvenar

Naturally, players have to invest quite a bit of work and effort into building these Ancient Wonders. The first step that players will have to take is collect Rune Shards. They are required for constructing these awe-inspiring structures.

In order to get Rune Shards, players can either complete provinces or help their friends research some upgrades for their respective Ancient Wonders. Additionally, some of these fragments can also be collected by succeeding in specific quests. Players with some money to spare can also purchase Rune Shards by forging them from Diamonds.

Ancient Wonders are more than just pretty to look at. These gorgeous buildings provide players with additional culture, population, and extra health for troops or Neighborly Help boosts. The dwarves’ Ancient Wonders also reward players with auto-production and additional training size. In order to increase the effects, players have to research the various succeeding stages which reward them with relicts that are needed to expand the special buildings.

Source: Official game forum

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