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What to expect:
  • Build a flourishing fantasy city in this free browser game
  • Choose either elves or humans and lead your race to success
  • Explore a vast fantasy world, collect resources, and research new mythical technologies
  • Visit other players' cities and take a look at their city building progress
  • Explore unique troops including the Sword Dancer, the Golem, the Archer, Sorceress, and Treant
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Become a Fantastical Leader of a City in Elvenar, the Free Browser Game

Dive into Elvenar and explore the world in search of valuable resources. Construct buildings and watch your town develop into a bustling metropolis.


Elvenar is a free-to-play online game where you become the ruler of your own town, much like Forge of Empires and Settlers Online. Choose to play as either an elf or human and construct exciting new buildings, whilst watching your settlement turn from a village, to a town, to a bustling city. The colorful graphics will leave you immersed into a fantasy world full of fantastical creatures, awe-inspiring buildings, and fascinating quests.

This game has two factions to choose from: elves and humans. Choose to play as the ambitious humans who have a fascination with medieval weaponry and prove to be great explorers. Otherwise choose the humble elves who are at one with nature, constructing beautiful buildings out of cloth and wood. Each side has unique characters with individual abilities in construction, exploration, and battle. Build a strong force of troops to defend your town and protect your honor.

Starting with basic buildings and materials, you must develop your settlement by gaining the resources you need to start constructing your future city. There are numerous types of buildings that you can create and each can be upgraded multiple times. You can chose to build anything from residential houses, to production sites, to workshops, to a town hall. Each race in Elvenar has a different style and it’s up to you to design your city the way that you want it, ensuring it has all the features that it needs to function properly and provide a safe home for your people.

This browser game invites you to explore a huge world map and visit other player’s cities online. Connect with your friends and view their settlements, whilst you send scouts on a quest to explore new areas and find some valuable resources. Raise an army of creatures and engage in 3D animated and turn-based battles to take down savages and win fascinating relics. Elvenar is also available on mobile devices.

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