Elsword: Invasion of the Teddy Bears Starts Today

11/12/2014 07:36 am by Anna Radak in NewsDownload GamesMMORPG

Slow is waiting for you...

You may think the Halloween mischief has ended, but not in Elsword! While pumpkins and ghosts have left the fantasy world of the free-to-play online game, vicious teddy bears have now appeared and need to be kept in check. In Luriel's Nightmare Dungeon, players will face Slow, a gargantuan teddy bear. Defeating him will reward courageous adventurers with Nightmare Marbles. What are these for? Nightmare Marbles can be traded in for valuable loot at Ted, the trusty NPC. Chances are the ursine boss monster will also drop a rare treasure chest for Elsword players to bust open.

Teddy mounts? Yes please!

Thankfully, evil monsters are not the only ones to invade Elsword. Cuddly accessories ranging from costumes to pets to mounts are now also available in the Item Mall. Log into the free MMORPG for at least 30 minutes during the event to be awarded a fluffy weapon to complete the teddy bear outfit.

Want some attributes on that weapon? Then turn in those precious Nightmare Marbles and equip your hero with a blaster that not only looks cute, but also wreaks havoc on the battlefield. KOG Games (Grand Chase) also wants you to know that Eve's third anniversary is coming up soon. Help with the party preparations today and be rewarded for your loyalty!

Source: Official game homepage
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