Elsword: New Raid Boss Dungeon Brings Toughest Challenge Yet

07/16/2014 04:42 am by Anna Radak in NewsDownload GamesMMORPG

The moment a game gets ridiculously easy to play through, players lose interest. KOG and Kill3r Combo (Grand Chase) are aware of this and have introduced a new raid for everyone try out. According to the developers, the new boss encounter is supposed to be the "biggest and toughest fight" to date and will certainly spice things up in the fantasy world of Elsword. Taking down Eltrion not only requires a group of 12 experienced players that know how to work together, but also a pre-event.

The guardian of the City of Sky awaits you.

Here’s the chain of events that everyone should keep in mind when trying out the new content:
  • Slay as many monsters as possible in the Sander and Hamel fields
  • Wait for the Gate of Time to appear and become available
  • Enter the Gate of Time to face Eltrion, the new raid target
  • Defeat Eltrion within 12 minutes or die a horrible death
Once the Gate of Time materializes, you have 15 minutes for the entire raid group to get together and join the battle. If everyone doesn't make it in time, the portal closes and you will have to start from scratch. This new free-to-play content for Elsword might be super difficult to crack, but killing the massive robot will surely be worth the blood, sweat and tears. Expect snazzy items including new weapons and amulets as loot drops once you and your friends rise up to the challenge and bring Eltrion to his knees. Here’s a first preview of the raid encounter:
Source: Press release
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