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What to expect:
  • Many characters and different paths to take
  • Very heavy anime influence
  • Amazing online community
  • More than 60 dungeons to explore
  • Dynamic ranked system to keep yourself challenged
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  • PC Games
  • kill3r combo
  • PvP
  • PvE
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Elsword Description

In this action-packed role-playing game you explore a magical world full of adventures, combat and quests, as one of three quirky, energetic and fierce anime-style characters...


Elsword is a client-based MMORPG based on the popular Manga cartoon series stemming from Asia. Players have the chance to take on the roles of one of the many Elsword characters and roam the world around them with the objective of destroying the lurking forces of evil.

There are hundreds of quests to complete in the fantasy role-playing game Elsword, which can either be completed solo or as part of a party. Being a lone warrior has the perks of not having to wait for party members to proceed, whereas adventuring into the unknown as a team has the advantage of teamwork. Teamwork? Yeah! Play together and come up with new synergies between different classes in Elsword as you tackle tough boss monsters and face challenges. By roaming across the world as a group, you increase your chances of overcoming your opponents and progressing further in the platform game Elsword. As you gain experience and collect resources, your character will grow into a strong hero, develop a variety of skills and eventually master specialized job classes.

In the client-based online game Elsword you are able to play various characters, including Elsword, Aisha and Rena. Elsword is a short-tempered but ambitious swordsman, who excels at close range combat and high physical attack damage. Aisha is a powerful mage who relies on her spell-casting abilities to destroy her opponents, and can tailor an attack to a monster's natural element. Rena is an elf who relies on both long range weaponry and magic skills to slay her enemies, and can glide through the air with her double jump. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each has potential to level up and learn new combative skills and abilities.

The intricate fantasy game Elsword contains colorful anime-style graphics as well as a rich storyline that develops as you progress through the game.

by Kyle Hayth

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Elsword News

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    01/29/2015 10:39 am - A new game update has hit the free-to-play MMORPG Elsword! Players of the online game can check out a new job path, new powers, and a level boost event. The people of Elder, the main world of Elsword, have been oppressed by the evil Lord Wally for...more

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    11/12/2014 07:36 am - You may think the Halloween mischief has ended, but not in Elsword! While pumpkins and ghosts have left the fantasy world of the free-to-play online game, vicious teddy bears have now appeared and need to be kept in check. In Luriel's Nightmare...more

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    07/16/2014 04:42 am - The moment a game gets ridiculously easy to play through, players lose interest. KOG and Kill3r Combo (Grand Chase) know this and have introduced a new raid for everyone try out. According to the developers, the new boss encounter is supposed to be...more

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