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Eligium Description

This free-to-play role-playing game lets you take on a host of evil monsters, engage in thrilling PvP combat, and discover a vast fantasy-themed game world.


Eligium is a free-to-play MMORPG that puts you in the shoes of a valiant and strong character, put into the heart of a battle between good and evil. The demons had been defeated in the online game Eligium, however so had the heroes, leaving the land in a vulnerable state. Greed between the remaining citizens has lead to a new battle, and the innocent now look to the prophecy to save what's left of their beautiful world. Your mission in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Eligium, is to step up and be the hero that banishes evil once and for all.

There are four races in the fantasy-themed MMORPG – the Humans, Elves, Silvias and Pandas, each of which have their own strengths, characteristics and style. Once you have decided upon your preferred race, you must then select a character class – the skills of your character class will determine the style of battle you engage in. Classes in the online game Eligium include the Warrior, the Hunter, the Druid, the Mage and the Fighter.

In addition to PvP and PvE combat, players can also participate in a host of exciting, dangerous, and rewarding quests – these quests will reward players with special items, in-game experience, and will unveil more of the mysterious story behind the world of Eligium. You will also be able to train special pets, eventually as powerful mounts, to help keep you company and support you in combat. Take on boss monsters, destroy your enemies, and go down in Eligium history as a true hero.

by Kyle Hayth

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