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Elfcraft Description

Have you ever heard of Demonium, the most precious ore that you can think of? The magical demonium has been renowned as the rarest metal in all of Elfenland. Become the first Elf to ever craft it in this mobile game…


Welcome to a fantastical world called Elfenland - the setting of the mobile game Elfcraft! It is a magical place inhabited by beautiful Elves who are masters at forging metals. No metal is too difficult to craft for these mysterious creatures, except for the legendary ore called magical demonium. This precious stone has been the center of legends and lore for centuries. Everyone in Elfenland believes that it truly exists, but no one has been able to actually produce it so far. You will be the one to rise to the challenge! Become the first Elf in Elfenland’s history to actually craft the rarest of all the metals in the world and thereby uncovering the biggest elven secret.

Judging from the background story told above, you might think that this app is a complex and maybe even complicated roleplaying game. However, it is much less complicated than that. If you’re interested in simple mobile games that you can play on the go, this app might be more up your lane than you might’ve originally thought. Elfcraft is a match-3 type puzzle game in which you connect, remove, and tilt stones to craft valuable metals. The gameplay is quite simple and makes great use of your device’s abilities. Use the touchscreen to switch stones and thereby combine more than three stones of the same type. Combining metals will result in the crafting of more valuable metals from the base ore which will gradually lead you closer to unraveling the secret of demonium. Naturally, the more gifted you are as a crafter, the better your highscore will be.

If getting a highscore is not the most motivating thing for you, you can also compete in free weekly tournaments to see how you compare to your friends. Simply connect your Facebook account to the game and craft your way to the top of the rankings.

Elfcraft is a free-to-play mobile game that is available for iOS and also Android devices. Download it in your respective app store and enjoy the colorful, fun world of Elfenland today!

Elfcraft Screenshots

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