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Eldevin Description

This fantasy massively multiplayer online game transports you to a world haunted by ferocious dragons, and terrifying creatures. Become a hero as you destroy the lurking forces of evil...


Eldevin is a free-to-play browser game set in an imaginative fantasy world. The game is run on a powerful 3D ChopLib graphics engine, enabling players to have an interactive experience. Starting out in the browser game Eldevin, you must choose from one of several character classes. Each has their own skills, advantages, and weaknesses. Use your tactical instincts to decide which character class is best suited to you.

As you progress through the free-to-play online game Eldevin, your character is able to learn a host of new and powerful magical and physical skills. Use these new skills to overthrow your enemies with surprise, force and sheer bravado. Only a true hero will be able to survive the looming forces of evil to be found around every corner in Eldevin. The browser-based game is played through an overhead 3rd person perspective of your character in a persistent and real-time world.

You will find infinite number of worlds to discover, conquer and preside over in the fantasy online game Eldevin. Equip yourself with brutal weaponry at the Othalo Guardhouse Armory in order to protect yourself and fight against your opponents, form powerful guilds with friends, and embark on thrilling quests and missions. Be sure to keep a watchful eye for the wicked Undead, Voidling and Dragon creatures as you wander across the vast plains, darkened dungeons, and jagged mountain ranges of Eldevin.

by Kyle Hayth

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