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What to expect:
  • New Adventure from the Team behind Sweet Amoris
  • Lots of Different Outfits and Hairstyles
  • Decide How the Story Unfolds
  • New Episodes Are Constantly Released
  • Stunning Anime Visuals
  • Browser Games
  • RPG
  • Topic
  • Adventure
  • Platform
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Play Eldarya for Free and Experience a Fantasy World

In the free-to-play online game Eldarya, you explore a magical fantasy world where you uncover many mysteries and find the love of your life.


What if your life could change within a second? One day you are living your regular life going to school and the next, you are transported into a magical world full of exciting adventures. In the free-to-play browser game Eldarya, this is exactly what happens. You go to school thinking that it will just be a regular day when you suddenly notice a strange circle of mushrooms in the schoolyard. You decide to inspect it more closely and are instantly transported into a completely different world, where strange things happen. You are not in your school anymore, but in a magical castle where you meet the mysterious fox girl, who locks you up in the dungeon. Things really aren’t quite the same in the world of Eldarya. You only manage to escape because a weird creature appears and helps you.

Adventure and Romance in Eldarya

The free-to-play anime game allows you to take complete control over the story. You decide what happens next. Eldarya has a very interactive story and features gameplay reminiscent of point-and-click adventures. You make the calls whenever your character faces a big decision. Your choices will define the rest of the story. As you travel through the fantasy world, you meet new characters. Each person has completely different character traits, and you don’t have to like every single one of them in the same way. You decide how your character should interact with others. Keep in mind, however, that you might depend on their help sometime in the future.

There’s also more to Eldarya than simply going on adventures. While you might not like every single person to meet, there’s also the chance that you could fall in love with one of them. The fantasy game allows you to get romantically involved with another character. If you want to impress them, you should make sure that your protagonist reflects your personal taste. Customize them to your heart’s content by changing their outfit and hairstyle whenever you feel like it.

Eldarya Screenshots

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