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Elarien Description

Enter this fun and wild world where there are donkey flying about and your home is an island high in the sky. Cooperation is the name of the game, make your island the best of them all...


Elarien is a browser-based MMOG that puts you in a community effort to be the best island around. The focus of the game is to cooperate with your neighbors or "island mates" as they could be called, while advancing your own small town into a thriving city.

To help your city grow, you can either farm for your resources or plunder them from elsewhere. There are benefits of being stuck on the same islands as others in the world of Elarien though. There are community buildings where all players on the same island as you can benefit from the building thereof.

Combine your armies with those around you to create epic battles where you take on foes and plunder their resources. Claim other lands as your own in Elarien to become the ultimate island empire with your allies.

To lead the battles and for the good of the people, there is an Island Leader. This person is voted upon by all who have a city on the island. Only this player can produce communal buildings such as the Goldmine. So choose wisely who you want to lead you in Elarien.

Reminding you that it is just a game, the feel of the game is light-hearted and fun. Though not all structures are unique, the descriptions sure are. Each building will have a comical and sometimes strange description.

If you want to live in a world where donkeys fly and islands float through the clouds, then the browser-based online game of Elarien is a good place to start. Create an empire from the ground up through pillaging and trade while making friends with your neighbors in an effort to have the best community around.

by Kyle Hayth

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